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If you’re into sandbox games, Artificial Academy 2 may pick up your interest. If you haven’t played the first installment before, don’t worry. The game doesn’t follow an established storyline and only focuses on specific gameplay.

Artificial Academy 2 is a customizable game. Following the game’s premise, it allows you to create a classroom with up to 25 different students. You can personalize many aspects about them, from their gender to sexual preferences. There are also options to modify their behaviors and interaction preferences.

As for the main character, he can interact with the students you just created in different ways. He can befriend them or turn them into his lovers. While all of this happens, you’ll still have to take care of your academic responsibilities. It’s the whole high school experience!

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Artificial Academy 2 Gameplay

Customize your own classroom and fool around with your classmates. As mentioned above, one of the main aspects of the game (and its strongest point) is customization.

You can modify most things about characters – especially the female ones- from the eye color to the size of their attributes. It lacks certain personalization options for the male characters, but it’s good that it integrates some sexual diversity into it as it doesn’t happen in eroge games too often.

You can also modify how these characters act once you start playing. How do they act? Are they good at sport? What are their sexual preferences? All of these aspects are up to you.

As an extra, each character has a different voice actor. This is another customizable feature; you can choose the pitch level of each voice to match your preferences. You may recognize some of the voices used here, as many popular eroge and hentai VAs are featured.

Tons of sexual content

This game compiles a lot of stuff. It certainly keeps things at a reasonable level, but you can find many interesting things, like exhibitionism and BDSM. It’s also possible to throw orgies, so you can be sure that it will keep you interested for quite a while.

Also, another point is that you get to control all of the characters as you please. You can continue exploring the school and see how they interact with each other as they’re autonomous and eventually will form relationships. This may be beneficial or prejudicial for you!

With mods, the game becomes even richer in features. We recommend installing a mod for erasing the censorship, as it can be quite annoying. However, you can also find mods for adding more customization options like hairstyle and clothes.
There are many options out there to make the game an experience accustomed to your wishes. It’s a 100% recommendable game if you’re into NSFW content.