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Fallen Doll is a VR game on PC that Project Helius developed. The game is ranked among the best sex games, and its impressive gameplay has seen it maintain that position. For players without a VR headset, you can play on your PC screen. Fallen Doll is an NSFW game, and you should be cautious not to play it in public. It has realistic sound effects and detailed graphics that are bound to turn heads.

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Fallen Doll Gameplay

The game offers two options in its gameplay. You can either engage in the recently completed story mode or play the endless mode. The story mode features an entertaining look into the life of the main character, Erika, a sex robot.

The game has the allure of a sci-fi game, and this has made it popular among players. It is interesting and will have you at the edge of your seat as you try to anticipate upcoming events.

You get to play as a visitor to an adult club that offers sex robots in the endless mode. Here, you have to spend money before you get to “play” with Erika. Her goal is to make you happy and give you your money’s worth. In this game mode, you have to engage with Erika until she gets exhausted.

It is only then that you get to win the game. As you play with her, your stamina will decrease, and you must ensure to complete hers as running out of stamina ends the game. All actions have a different effect on your stamina, and you have to come up with the best strategy for maximum effect.

An Erika of your choice

Being a sex game, Fallen Doll aims to bring to life all your sexual fantasies. The game allows you to personalize your Erika. You can alter her entire look from eyes to butt and many more. Players can also select their preferred tools to use on the realistic robot, and this aims to make the game better. It also offers more options to exhaust Erika and win the game.

You can now get a new character whenever you load the game. This will make your gaming experience dynamic, and you can experience new aspects whenever you play. It will thus have you coming back for more and will increase your interest in the game.

Impressive animation

The robot on the game appears realistic, making the VR experience on the game impressive. It also offers numerous positions to play in with your Erika, and they all offer an immersive gaming experience.

Unlike other sexual games, it offers better game mechanics and overall entertaining gameplay. You can thus download Fallen Doll to your PC and experience its elevated gameplay.