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Lust Epidemic was developed by NLT and is available on Windows PCs. The game is quite similar to most erotic games, with less story and more nudity. If you prefer jumping straight to the sex without any story to build up on or distractions along your path, this game takes a different path from that. It is bound to catch your interest from its well-designed characters and captivating dialogue. Lust Epidemic is an erotic game that every enthusiast should try out.

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About Lust Epidemic

The main idea behind the game is finding milfs around the map to bang. They are all designed with huge boobs, making them stand out from all other characters.

You will play as a college student called Brad, and you will have a huge map to explore and get into all sorts of adventures. As the game begins, your character gets held up by a huge storm and is forced to hide in some old and abandoned university buildings.

While here, you have to find your way and survive all the weird and spooky things you will encounter. Lust Epidemic offers an immersive adventure as you walk through the university and discover new things. Lust Epidemic also lets you determine the overall flow of the game based on your decisions. The dialogues you have with other characters in the game will determine how you progress and other important aspects of your gameplay.

In addition, you can collect valuable items and clues to make navigating through the creepy university simpler. As much as it is an erotic game, the dedication in its storyline makes it worth playing for many gamers.

The erotic stuff

Getting milfs to bang is the main agenda in the game. The developers have managed to present them perfectly, and you cannot miss this part of the game. Its graphics and mechanics are impressive and make it easier to navigate through the map. In addition, the cinematic in between the scenes is great to watch. It thus makes the game flow perfectly and thus adds to its desirability.

The game also features numerous animated scenes for you to watch, and all the milfs you encounter in the game will display great details in their ass and boob shapes and sizes.

The audio experience in the game

The icing on the cake of any erotic game is its audio experience. It makes playing the game better and will add a more immersive feeling. Indeed, you can experience the best from this game. It has interesting soundtracks, and they all fit into the game perfectly. You will also hear the sounds from your milf partners, making the experience wholesome.

Lust Epidemic offers awesome and captivating gameplay. It will have you following the storylines for hours as your complete quests and find milfs. This makes it quite a good erotic game.