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SexNote could be viewed as a Visual Novel, NSFW, Adult Game, Dating Simulator, Point and Click etc. where our main character receives a special book to learn the power of magic and use his new skills in his life, his family, to interact, friends. etc, there will be a lot of content, characters, locations and of course sexual content.

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About SexNote

SexNote is an adaptation of a popular anime series called Death Note. It borrows the concept of the show, and they both revolve around a magical book. The only difference is the outcomes once the book’s holders enter a person’s name in them. While in Death Note, you die, in SexNote, you get to have the best sex experiences. JamLiz developed this adult game for PC players. The game lets you experience all your desires from its basic book concept, and you are sure to have the best time as you play it.


In SexNote’s gameplay, you will spend a huge time portion navigating through the map and exploring. In the process, you will interact with various characters, and they will all impact your gameplay.

Since the game is narrative-driven, you will develop with your character as he gets better and you advance through the levels in the game. All the decisions you make will determine how the game flows, and you can thus choose your desired path for your character. Some of the decisions you will be forced to make will be quite hard, and it will feel as though you aren’t playing an erotic game.

In addition to the magic book that gets you laid, you can also perform spells on characters. This will make them attracted to you, and you can have all the sex you want with them. It also features a day and night cycle, with the night offering better potentials of getting laid if that is what you want in the game. The gameplay is quite good and offers more to the player.

The visual experience

What makes an erotic game good is a visual experience it offers. SexNote has done a good job in that and has delivered an immersive gaming experience. The graphics are good and will make it easier to navigate through the map. It is miles apart from many of the games in the series, and this makes it entertaining. You can thus get a wholesome experience whenever you run SexNote on your PC.

The characters also look good. Although most female characters have enhanced features like huge boobs and ass, they have still managed to nail it. Indeed, they make the game better to play, and the smooth texture in the general game map makes it even better. SexNote also nails the face of the female characters, and you won’t feel weird as you interact with them in gameplay or have sex. This offers a big win for the game.

The overall experience of the game

The overall experience while playing SexNote is quite good. The game could, however, use some improvements as the storyline is quite weak. In addition, some of the graphics could also use some improvements. It is, however, interesting to play, and you are still bound to have fun as you navigate through its objectives.